Customized Tuition Courses

iLearning Centre provides customized learning courses from Form 1 to 6following a regiment schedule to enable the Practice of iLearning Centre’s Methodology of Learning and Teaching. Our tuition classes are catered to  Government School Syllabus, and subjects which are taught in their schools respectively, which will be evaluated in their final exams for PMR, SPM and STPM.

Our Tuition courses lasts up to 2 and a half hours per class. Each class is kept at a maximum of 12 students per class to maintain maximum attention span from Tutor to Student and vice versa.

Students are required to interact during class activities and group discussions which will contribute to their learning of a subject or topic in class. Some classes will require the use iPads to search critical or important information during their learning sessions.

The iPads utilised during classes are also a tool when it comes to doing their exercises and assignments in class, and also as a reference for the student’s homework when they get home. Media such as videos, graphic, and text references will be used in classes such as, Science subjects and factual subjects like "Sejarah", "Geografi", "Ekonomi Asas" and "Perdagangan".

Students who stay with us within a duration of six months are given an evaluation exam to certify where their standards are before their final exams. Students who have stayed with us in the last 6 months qualify for our Money Back Guarantee Policy.  

For more info on our Money Back Guarantee Policy, please contact us and set up an appointment to know more. Click here.

Intensive Courses

Our Intensive Courses starts as early as July to October every year for the annual PMR and SPM batches who will be sitting for their final upcoming exams. The intensive courses provides preparation strategies, whereby we train and hone students to confidently face their exams. The purpose of this training is also to teach the students to not panic, or get too carried away during their exams, as this will cause more careless and unnecessary mistakes.

iLearning Centre’s method of preparation will get them to focus on 5 criteria’s, which are; Base Knowledge, Marking Schemes, Memorizing Techniques, Analyzing Past year Questions, and Strategic Answering techniques, which saves them time and effort.

Each intensive course takes about a month to complete. Within that month, students are given a total amount of 10-32 hours or revision, class activities, exercises, and in-house Trial Exams to strengthen their resolve and confidence before sitting in the exam halls.

These intensive, courses prepared will fill up quickly every year. Some parents pre-book seats as early as 3 months in advance. This extra booster course is specifically designed to help students Score A’s in their final exam or improve thier grades. The intensive courses are catered to meet this objective.

Let it also be known to Parents and Students that we do not promise miracles, we are as realistic, as anyone is when it comes to scoring A’s in your final exams. Every student who joins our intensive classes will be put through a series of Aptitude test, and evaluation, as to gauge their level of understanding in a subject. However, we still guarantee that the students improvement of exam score’s within a 20% increase, or a Money back Guarantee.

For more info on our Money Back Guarantee Policy, please contact us and set up an appointment to know more. Click here.


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