Our Facilitators

They are the worker bees of the hive, whereby their task is to oversee all operations in the centre to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Their job is crucial in managing the tutors' and students' daily needs and requirements. From loaning iPads to handing out printed notes, students' registration, fee collection, classroom or student spot-checks, and even reporting students' welfare and acting as the mediator between tutor and parents.

Their job also includes a very important role in conveying the students behaviour and performance in class to our in-house student counselor who takes into account any important factors that may affect his/her academic performance. The student counselor will also take note if this specific student may affect others in class as well, and immediate action will be taken against any disruptive behaviour.  

Our Trainers

Our Trainers are also the motivational speakers at our centre. They are outspoken, confident and always ready for anything. They are the guardians of the centre, and protector of the system and methodology at iLearning Centre. They will monitor the classrooms' attention levels, and are given the authority to enter any classrooms at any time should they suspect the majority of students lacking in charisma or energy to participate in their respective classes in session.

Among the Trainer’s Task, is to also provide all tutors with the ongoing T.O.P.S. guide & training, provided to Tutors from time to time. This is to maintain the standard use of iLearning Centre’s teaching and learning methodology.

Another Trainer’s Task is also to motivate the students and encourage lively participation by giving short speeches or in-class short activities, which are customized and catered to the class in session. The Tutors are then required to co-operate with the Trainers. When the Trainer perceives the classroom to be in its downward slope, the Tutor and Trainer will work hand-in-hand to maintain the energy flow level of the students in class, while being sure that the students are not 'burnt out' as well.

A trainers task is a challenging one, where he/she must maintain the level of energy in class, and also strike a balance of a student's energy to enable them to get a good night's rest when they get home.

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