Seminar Hall

Seminar Halls iLearning Centre

Our Multipurpose Seminar Hall can easily fit 30 person, without tables, and 20 person with tables. This room is equipped with a projector, amplifier and speakers, a 10 feet wide whiteboard, and is air-conditioned. It is also used as the Students Exam hall for 12 person, when they are taking iLearning Centre’s Trial Papers for their School Syllabus.



iLearning Centre Classrooms iLC
Our Classrooms are the perfect ambience for learning. Bright and well-lit, our classrooms are of a comfortable size which fits up to 15 people in a class. We currently maintain the limit of 12 students per classroom to maintain maximum attention levels for all students. We have a total of 5 classrooms, including our seminar hall. All are air-conditioned, equipped with a wide-fit whiteboard, and a classroom prop(surprise), for the students.


Students R&R Area

ilc Students Rest and Recuperation Area at iLearning Centre

The students rest and recuperation area, is prepared for our students to unwind, discuss, and share their class discussions and homework in a more relaxed and comfortable environment. However, students are not allowed to sleep or take a nap here, and all activities are monitored by our 24 hour CCTV cameras for safety purposes.


The Lounge

ilc The Lounge Waiting Area iLearning Centre

The lounge area is also our waiting area, where Parents or Students who arrive are seated and served. The Lounge area can easily fit 7-8 people comfortably.


The Consultation Room

ilc- Consultation Room iLearning Centre

This room is used to present the ongoing programme’s iLearning Centre holds, to Parents or Students, upon arrival. This room is also used for a one to one session, of student and facilitator to discuss any difficulties they face during the course of their programme.


Shower Rooms, Surau and Restrooms

ilc iLearning Centre Surau Shower Room and Toilets

Students who come straight from school can take a warm shower in our shower rooms, to feel refreshed, take a break in our student lounge area, or even do their school homework, before their lesson begins. The Surau is spacious and ventilated. We have 1 Bathroom , 3 restrooms and 1 Surau on our premises.



ilc Cafeteria iLearning Centre

A Hot and Cold water dispenser available for students and tutors can get a constant flow of filtered clean water, to refill their tumblers, or even use it to make a hot drink. Our cafeteria is equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, washing sink and a simple cooking hob. Students can prepare themselves a meal or even cook, if they prefer, but all utensils and cookery used must be washed after they are done using them of course, as a good practice of hygiene and good behavior. Our dining table can easily fit 4-5 people comfortably. 


The Counter

The Counter of ILC iLearning Centre
Our Counter serves as the cornerstone for all iLearning Centre’s activities, whereby payments, collection of schedules, 24’ LCD screen bulletin board, CCTV Security and System maintenance is done. This high-tech facility is the core of the Centre, which runs its schedules, monitors system programs used in the center’s iPads. Students are required to collect and return their iPads respectively to the counter when done for checking. Each iPads are also tagged to their respective users during their sessions in class.



 CCTVs and Security

ilc CCTV Security Cameras iLearning Centre
Our centre is constantly monitored and secured with CCTV cameras and Alarm Systems. These are placed throughout the centre, within its premises and nearby outside its vicinity. Facilitators and administrators will not let anyone in or out of the centre, prior to verification. We also encourage our students to be cautious of their own belongings and surroundings when leaving the centre.

Fire Exits

ilc- Fire Escape and Exits in iLearning Centre

In iLearning Centre, we value the safety of our students and personnel. We have prepared standard fire exits, in case of any emergency. We have a total of 2 Fire Exits and 2 Roof Escapes which are secured. A copy of fire exit keys are given to the facilitators and person in charge as, emergency fire extinguishers and keys are placed in strategic locations for easy access.



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