Dear Parents & SPM Students,

We have good news for you! iLearning Centre is back with the brainy powerhouse annual SPM Seminars 2014 ! This year we are providing BM, SEJ, BIO, CHE & PHY. In just 5 hours a day, the students will learn more than what they have did for the past 2 years.

We have HOT TIPS & we guarantee 100% improvement & a satisfying educational experience for our students to easily go through their final examination. We have been running Seminar course for the past 5 years & 90% of our students who came for our seminar have improved dramatically.

We owe this to our teaching methods from the teachers who used to be a examiner markers from the MOE who have dedicated their time and efforts in excelling our students. Every year we are only limited to 30 pax of students per batch.

This year our course is starting on the 11 October, until 26 October 2014. Our open registration begins now, so don't hesitate to contact us & attain more information. Lastly, let us at iLearning Centre walk your kids through experiencing their final exams in preparing them to be confident and stress free.

I hope you will drop by to iLearning Centre so we are able to share more information with you regarding the courses that we are providing, and to experience our learning environment which is designed to help students learn easier & faster through our proven learning methods. Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

We look forward in providing you our excellent services. We commit to our high quality teaching methods for our future students. This is our mission and vision for all our students. Thank You. 

Schedule Base On The Subjects You Are Registering

 We have only 2 batches for each and every subject running according the date below stated.

The first 30 SPM students who registered (FULL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE) will automatically join the 1st Batch in the morning which start at 8am – 1.45pm

Accordingly the number of 31st SPM students onwards will be joining the 2nd Batch afternoon timing from 3pm – 8.45pm

       Date :  11 Oct 2014 (Sat) Bio.              19 Oct 2014 (Sun) Sej.

                     12 Oct 2014 (Sun) Che.           25 Oct 2014 (Sat) B.M

                     18 Oct 2014 (Sat)  Phy.

Golden Rules in iLearning Centre

 We have some rules which are very common with the rules in schools , due to we want to be fair to the other students who really appreciate the courses we have provided & with a good learning environments the students are able to concentrate & absorb more knowledge just within the 5 hours of seminar. We will truly appreciate all students to follow our rules in iLearning Centre. Thank for the cooperation.

Example of iLC Golden Rules :

1) Mutual respect towards the teachers, admin management staff & your new

    Classmates in the seminar hall.

2) Strictly no mobile phones while classes are in sessions.

3) Strictly turn your mobile phone into silent mode during seminar sessions.

4) No dating

5) CONCENTRATE & FOCUS if you want to SCORE !

6) Hands up if you would like the teacher to repeat or ask any questions, make   

     sure the questions are logic / based on the topics that the teacher is revising.

7) During break time around 45 minutes , student must be back ON TIME to the seminar hall to continue the seminar. Please do not be late or you may miss some crucial information about the subjects.


Things YOU need to know:

 -  We are about 5 minutes walking distance from Kelana Jaya LRT station, cross a bridge & you will see a 7eleven in front of you then turn left all the way to the second last block of shop lots.


-  You will notice a sea food Chinese restaurant “King Crab” corner shop, then cross a road that is the block we are in. Make sure you are not going to the wrong tuition centre which is “Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi” … we are just above of Kasturi at the 3rd floors, please go all the way up & press the door bell.

( You may have a look of the location map below; last page )

-  We have a water heater & you can bring along 3 in 1 Milo, Nescafe , Horlicks with our cups provided , please wash the cups once finish consuming your beverages or refill your water with your own water bottle.


-  You may bring along your own food to dine in, as we have a pantry at our centre with microwave facilities.

-  Bring along a jacket incase if you are feeling cold


-  Food is not provided but can be purchased from shops along iLC :

1st choice : “King Crab Restaurant” -  Chinese food (non-halal) fried rice / noodle pricing from RM 10

2nd choice : 2 indian mamak shops

3rd choice : Pappa John Pizza fast food restaurant

4th choice : 7eleven

5th choice : Van vendors selling Rojak & Cendol under the tree


Package  Pricing

For Art Stream students only able to register 2 subjects

ØBahasa Malaysia & Sejarah

For Science Stream students, you may register all our Specialized 5 subjects :

ØBahasa Malaysia , Sejarah , Biology , Chemistry & Phy.


GOOD NEWS ! The more subjects u register with us the more you will  SAVE !

For an example : You would like to register only B.M , Sej & Bio only.

Look at the first roll of “Number of Subject Taken” with the number of “3 Three” subjects showing that roll of “Total Fees” with the amount of “RM 240”. Which mean each subject of the “Package Pricing” showing “RM 80”. “Original Pricing” each subject RM 100 x 3 subjects =                    “RM 300”so from the “Total Savings” u have saved total “RM 60”.


So dear SPM students, we hope u are able to consider taking all these subjects because overall each subject will only cost RM 60  ( for the Science Stream students only ) instead of paying so much more. HAPPY SAVINGS!


Payment Terms : 

1) Transaction can be made to Public Bank ONLY or Issue a Cheque to :-

     Public Bank account no:            3 1 6 8 5 9 9 4 1 2

                                                        I Smart Learning Centre

Once payment is made, MUST present us the transfer receipt, for us to rectify that u have made the payment.


üMMS/WhatsApp  to      Ms Chong  010 2208 775

üScan & Email  to              This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


[ Student’s Name , IC Number , School Name , Subject to be Registered ]


2)  Drop by to iLearning Centre with an appointment to pay by Cash or Credit    

     Card terms.

Address of iLC :- No. 117-C (3rd floor) Jalan SS25/2, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

(Opposite LRT Kelana Jaya Station, Shop lot, beside Loh Woman Specialist Clinic / On top of Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi)

If you are unable to find your way to us, please contact us to give you a clearer direction through tele conversation.


PAY the fees ASAP to reserve the seat to AVOID DISAPPOINTEMENT !

Have Questions or Concerns?

Call Us with our Friendly Services !


Ms. Chong  010 2208 775

 Dr. Jeffrey  014 3225 711


• A valuable knowledge we would like to share with our dear parents & students. Those who are using smart phone & with the WhatsApp application please always add our contact number with the international code of “+6” so that you are only able to find us from your WhatsApp friend list !

For example of Ms.Chong’s mobile number :


+6 010 2208 775 

Please click on the Images below for our Full Brochure;